Not familiar with BAS Systems? We are here to help!

Not familiar with BAS Systems? We are here to help!

What is Building Automation?

Building Automation enables facilities to be driven and managed by sophisticated electronics. These “intelligent buildings” are designed so that the HVAC environment, lighting, and security systems perform at their highest efficiency possible. From an HVAC perspective, the automated systems that produce intelligent buildings are often referred to as Facility Management Systems (FMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS).

How does a Building Automation system work?

Building automation systems help facility managers understand their buildings, make intelligent decisions, and respond more easily to changing conditions. Building Automation Systems are computer driven to control such HVAC-related issues as temperature, humidity, airflow, and equipment operation. In many cases, a person walking into a room will activate lighting and cooling/heating through a simple sensor placed strategically in place within the area. In addition to helping you make more informed decisions regarding the challenges and changing conditions of your facility, a Building Automation System monitors and controls the day-to-day operation of your building’s HVAC, safety, lighting, and security systems.

What are the benefits of a Building Automation System?

Building Automation Systems offer you precise control, accurate and timely data that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, speed in decision making, faster problem solving, and more comfortable and productive work environments. It results in countless system integration possibilities, such as an opportunity to share data through a network, and it contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings.

In addition, automation enables field service technicians to be dispatched via handheld PCs. From any location, the technician can call up a complete history of the equipment, diagnose the problem and electronically record equipment readings and the task he performed. The technician’s notes are captured in a database and routed to the appropriate managers.

BAS Training and Use

As a designer and builder of building automation systems, we are driven to provide all knowledge to our customers for the most efficient operation of their systems.

Upon completion of our system, we not only provide general knowledge for our customer’s use but we also provide instruction manuals, face to face training of the system and video training DVD’s for their future use. Unitemp is proud to present all this information to our customer and to answer any questions that may arise when changes need to be implemented to the schedules in their new system. We make sure all our customers feel comfortable and relaxed knowing their location is monitored and controlled with the highest efficiency possible.

Design Build

Under a design/build arrangement, Unitemp works directly for the client and is responsible for the total design and installation. Initial engineering to project implementation are handled by our design/build team. The overall contract price is based on the complete scope of the project, with no surprise “extras” or change order costs, as found with traditional plan and specification construction work. Unless the client modifies the design, the final project cost is known very early in the design/build process.

The contracting firm has a vested interest in working under the design/build scenario. If something doesn’t operate as intended, it is our responsibility to fix the problem. This arrangement eliminates the “finger pointing” among consulting engineers and mechanical contractors when a situation arises. Our clients are comfortable in knowing Unitemp is the single source responsible when engaging in a design/build project.